2018 World Premiere Audi Q8 & Audi Brand Summit

The new brand AUDI Q8 is launched in Audi Brand Summit. Under the theme “The Herald of a new era is unleashed”. A mysterious and fascinating entrance with AUDI logo through a triangle tunnel embarked the guests in the immersive experience zone.

Dynamic lighting choreography, on-screen lighting and visual design were used at Q family car reveal show. With the illusive switching between real laser beam light and light on the screen, which for proposing a metaphor of bringing the future to the reality, and to lead the audience throughout the journey of discovering the future and the world of Q family.

The Show Audi Q8 Transition Video

Design & Animation Audi Q8 Transition Video

Welcome Tunnel Visual Mingo Area

OCT Building Projections Mapping Exhibtion area​​​​​​​

The Show Moment Live Photos


Client : Audi
Agency : Activation Group
Production : Spectro Visuals

Creative Director : Aston Lai 
Animation Directors : Aston Lai , Ben Pang 
Art Director : Ben Pang
Account Executive : Howard Foo 
Executive Producer : Dino Zheng 

CG Artists : Ben Pang , Li Yong Meng , Leo Phing 

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