Cyber Security Summit

CSS held in Beijing under the theme of the summit “Cyber Security Empowers, New Digital Ecosystem”. Outstanding domestic and foreign contributors in cyber security studies field were invited to share with the audience their insights. 

The overall event design reflected CSS’s leader role in cyber security platform, visualizing and upgrading its brand-image by building up a firm and strong network structure earth. Meanwhile luminous particles were use to enhance the sense of technology in design concept.

The Show Cyber Security Summit Opening Video

Design & Animation Cyber Security Summit Opening Video

The Process Cyber Security Summit Opening Video


Client : Tencent
Agency : GPJ GuangZhou
Production : Spectro Visuals

Creative Director : Ben Pang , Aston Lai
Visual Director : Wystan
Animation Director : Ben Pang 
Art Director : Ben Pang 
Account Executive : Howard Foo 
Executive Producer : Cici Tong

CG Artists : Ben Pang , Leo Phing , Thin Hee Chung , Jyson Sin , Yoke Wan

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