Lenovo Tech World 2019

Lenovo Tech World hosted the “Smart Technology for All” conference to describe the intelligent strategies and visions in the next few years. It was brought to life with a stirring opening show where the image of traversing the technological tunnel showed up the rapid growth of the new technology.

Day 01

Design & Animation Day 01 - Opening Video

Day 02 Opening Video

Design & Animation Day 02 - Opening Video

Day 02 Mobile Phone Reveal Video

Design & Animation Day 02 - Mobile Phone Reveal Video

Day 02 Tablet Reveal Video

Design & Animation Day 02 - Tablet Reveal Video

The Stage


Client : Lenovo
Agency : High Team
Production Spectro Visuals

Creative Director : Ben Pang , Aston Lai
Visual Director : Wystan
Animation Director : Ben Pang
Art Directors : Ben Pang , Leo Phing   
Account Executive : Howard Foo
Executive Producer : Wang Xi 

CG Artists : Leo Phing , Yew Kok Hoo , Chen Ming Zhen , Joan Tan , Xu Xin Hao, Li Yong Meng, Gao Zhan Yong

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