Mercedes Benz
S-Class & Maybach National Experience 2019

“The best or nothing”. Leaders create the trends. On the occasion of the “S-Class & Maybach National Experience”, Mercedes-Benz relaunched the S-Class New 600 by offering a deep dive in contemporary Chinese Luxury where modernity meets tradition.

The design concept of the launch moment remained in alignment with the main idea of the hotel architecture, which built in-between the city and natural landscapes, and respected the natural environment surrounding the guests.

The Show Opening Video

Design & Animation​​​​​​​ Opening Video

The Process Opening Video

The Stage


Client : Mercedes Benz
Agency : Auditoire
Production : Spectro Visuals

Creative Director : Aston Lai
Visual Director : Wystan
Animation Director : Ben Pang 
Art Directors : Ben Pang , Leo Phing 
Account Executive : Howard Foo 
Executive Producer : Wang Xi 

CG Artists : Leo Phing , Yew Kok Hoo , Chen Ming Zhen , Joan Tan

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