Nissan Intelligent Mobility Launch Event

Nissan presented a groundbreaking event experience .Bringing a futuristic technology world under the theme of “NISSAN INTELLIGENT MOBILITY”. The new ALTIMA was showcased on a giant robotic arm, holding and moving the car dynamically across the stage, cooperating with interactive performance and motion graphic pictures, which transported the viewers to an immerse digital world. Meanwhile, holographic protection technology was used to enhance the visual experience, turning the brand-new product as the symbol of innovative hi-tech.​​​​​​​

 Nissan Alrima Launch Event Video

Design & Animation Nissan Alrima Launch Event Video

Design & Animation 
Robot Arm Video

The Show Moment
 Robot Arm Video



Director : Wystan , Aston Lai
Art Director : Ben Pang
Executive Producer : Howard Foo 
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