Oppo Inno Day 2019

OPPO INNO DAY was held under the theme of CREATE BEYOND BOUNDARIES, revealing its insights and initiatives for the era of intelligent connectivity.

By combining the high-tech, such as AR GLASS technology, and interactive performance at the opening show, OPPO immersed the audience into a new tech world where the real and virtual world are tightly concatenated.

Design & Animation​​​​​​​ AR Glass Opening Video

Design & Animation Countdown Video

Storyboards AR Glass Opening Video


Client : Oppo
Agency : Auditoire
Production : Spectro Visuals

Show Director : Coa
Creative Director : Wystan & Aston Lai 
Animation Director : Thin Hee Chung 
Art Director : Ben Pang
Account Executive : Howard Foo 
Executive Producer : Wang Xi 

Concept Artists : Chew Lee Teng , Wang Liang Feng 
CG Artists : Xu Xin Hao , Li Yong Meng , Luo Li Bo , Gao Zhan Yong

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