Tencent Science Explore Award 2019

In order to inspire the spirit of scientific exploration and reveal the achievements in the studies of fundamental science and advanced technology, science explore award started with vision of science exploration, as well as commended hundreds of outstanding scientists those who had splendid and excellent contributions in nine areas of science.

Design & Animation Tencent Science Explore Opening Video

Design & Animation Tencent Science Explore Award Video

Storyboard Tencent Science Explore Opening Video

the show


Client : Tencent
Agency : GPJ GuangZhou
Production : Spectro Visuals
Collaboration : Moog

Creative Director : Aston Lai
Visual Director : Wystan
Art Director : Ben Pang
Account Executive : Howard Foo 
Executive Producer : Cici Tong

Lead CG Artist : Thin Hee Chung
Concept Artists : Chew Lee Teng , Aw Yong Gin Yee , Wang Liang Feng
CG Artists : Xu Xin Hao , Li Yong Meng , Luo Li Bo , Gao Zhan Yong , Chen Ming Zhen , Yew Kok Hoo , Leo Phing , Joan Tan

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